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Wally goes to talk to her. Wally says that everything ended being fine but Barry and Joe is still angry at him for his desire to become a speedster.

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Our meta human of the week is Frankie Joey King , who comes from an abusive foster family. Frankie has a split personality, Magenta, that manifests itself when her foster father yells at her so she pulls down a street lamp into their apartment injuring him. Julian confronts Frankie, which is a bad idea because Magenta appears and pulls down the big CCPD metal wall hanging that forces the Flash to pull him to safety. Magenta runs to Alchemy seeking his advice in getting rid of Frankie for good so she can enact her revenge on her foster father.

‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Seven Crucial Scenes From ‘Magenta’

Alchemy advises Magenta to show who is the boss in order to control Frankie. After learning that Frankie has bounced from foster home to foster home and her current foster dad was not saint, Iris pays him a visit in Central City hospital. After speaking with the foster father, Iris realizes that Magenta is going after him to complete the job.

Magenta starts her payback by using her powers to lift a tankard. When the Flash arrives he figures he can create a wind funnel to stop the tankard from destroying the hospital and everyone in it.

What happened?

Harry suggests he runs in a figure eight to create the wind tunnel. Jesse takes over creating the wind tunnel while the Flash talks to Magenta and manages to get Frankie to come back. Wally hears this and something tells me he is having these dreams or will soon get these dreams.

Season Quilt Magenta

Barry then tells Frankie that Caitlin has found her a good home in Keystone City and if she ever needs help she can turn to them. Later, Jesse wonders if she and her dad are going back to Earth Harry says they are going to stay a few more days to run a few more tests. Harry then apologizes for this over reaction but that he did this to protect her and he will always worry about her.

The Flash - Flash vs Magenta - 3x03

Harry then gifts Jesse with her own speedster suit, which I am so looking forward to seeing her in. Father-daughter share a hug and this why I love these two. With a bit of a lull in the action, Barry and Iris attempt another date, this time not ignoring the fact the Flash is a part of their lives.

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However, there date is interrupted again for police work. The two share a kiss before Barry speeds back to his lab. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. The organization was recently awarded a grant from the M. Murdock Charitable Trust, which enabled them to install a new LED lighting system as well as an upgraded sound system and new seating.


Roberts goes on to explain that she carefully selects season offerings. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery.

Recover your password. Get help. Vancouver Business Journal. Spotlight Business Spotlight. Magenta Theater offers five mainstage productions a year with three-week show runs in addition to an improv troupe called MIT that offers seven to eight shows a year with offsite gigs.

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