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Jim flirting with Pam on The Office? A central portion of the set was seemingly new material focused on R. Kelly and the recent documentary about him. While celebrities like Chance the Rapper have all had to make statements condemning R.

Kelly patronage is blessedly protected from public scrutiny. It was just one of the times Ansari put himself in dialogue with his audience, forcing us to consider our own checkered pasts and our complicity in the social media pile-ons that had targeted him and other celebrities. It was as if Ansari was outing himself preemptively against any potential cultural transgressions.

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Ansari did acknowledge that he too was done with R. Less people clapped. Ansari seemed to have proved his point: that cancel culture is a slippery slope, full of arbitrary metrics, and that we decide to boycott someone not based on any objective bad-ness, but on when and how their allegations are packaged to us, based entirely on our own subjective whims.

Unlike Louis C. He spent a lot of the second half of the set sitting down on a stool, musing on aging and growing up.

The show even had a touch of the sort of feminist banter he was known for a few years ago; he talked about his new girlfriend, a Danish physician, and remarked on the unfair lack of birth control options for women; either she keep her current copper IUD, which keeps poking him in the dick, or she goes back on the pill, which negatively affects her mood and makes her anxious. At the end he thanked us genuinely for coming out, saying that while a lot of stuff ends up on the internet, this was our special night to all be here together.

Huskers Earn Comeback Road Win

Leaving the theater, it was clear Ansari had picked an appropriately safe space for his first show. Another male friend chimed in.

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I think Louis C. He turned to me.

Cardiac Cats make a comeback: Jaguars get road win in Denver

So this is his MeToo comeback. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. The entire starting defensive line is out of the lineup. Jaire Alexander left early with a groin injury. Kevin King is out. A cornerback is playing safety.

Basically, the struggles on defense are more or less expected. At this point, Mike Pettine has earned his keep. The defense has played well enough to win more games than this team has, but it is what it is. After two ugly series in the opening quarter, Packers fans were able to see the Aaron Rodgers of old. Rodgers completed 67 percent of his passes 37 of 55 for yards and two touchdowns.

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After an ugly missed throw to Davante Adams on what would have been a first-quarter first down, Rodgers dialed it in the rest of the way. Up to this point, the Packers have struggled to score points, and against a hapless Jets team they confidently eclipsed the point mark, scoring 44 after a Rodgers-to-Adams connection in overtime. On several occasions, the Packers gave up big returns.

One of the biggest benefits having a new coach for the Packers will bring will be, hopefully, more competent special teams. To the tune of five catches and 94 yards, St. Brown had himself the type of game that might give Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst some pause come draft time.