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He proposed a simple tax on each box of ammunition sold in the country. Because of his wisdom, what was called the Pittman—Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act of has resulted in billions of dollars being used to enhance the habitat of migratory game birds as well as other forms of wildlife.

Now, instead of a diminishing supply of this precious resource, the fields and forests and streams are abounding in game of all sorts and will continue to do so because of the foresight of my esteemed father. Why is the 2nd Amendment support of firearm ownership so vital to the future of the United States and how is it closely related to the 1st Amendment which guarantees free speech?

The founders of our country realized that dictatorship. The founders also believed that the citizen militia would be our best defense against foreign aggression. Therefore, they insisted in their Bill of Rights the 2nd Amendment that the right of the people to carry arms shall not be abridged. I also am convinced that those communities in which peaceful citizens are armed have the lowest incidents of crime. If peace-loving people had been armed during some of the hideous massacres that have occurred over the past several years, I believe that the results would have been much different and the number of casualties would have been drastically diminished.

The statistics of our years of ministry are nothing short of staggering. Our Prayer Center in the United States has received an estimated 93 million calls since we started keeping records of people. Around the world, we worked in 62 different languages broadcasting in 37 , and our programs touched over nations and territories. Since the fall of Communism, we have seen some million people who have given their hearts to Jesus Christ because of programs that we have broadcast. Throughout Asia, Africa, South America, and other parts of the world, the lives changed will be the greatest impact in the.

Kingdom of God.

Tell us briefly about Operation Blessing and the Flying Hospital and their role in delivering medical and food relief to countries on the African continent? I was honored in to receive the David Livingstone Award. Several years ago, I was privileged to go to Zambia and travel to the town of Livingstone near the Zambezi River just up from the spectacular Victoria Falls on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Some years ago when I was praying and reading.

On the strength of that, I founded Operation Blessing International which has grown dramatically over the decades. We now distribute almost million pounds of food and supplies to the inner cities of America every year, have performed 20, medical missions over the years, and have drilled 13, water wells that serve fresh water to 5,, people.

In Latin America, we have distributed millions of doses of medicine which knocks out intestinal parasites in small children. Operation Blessing has been privileged to train people to gain useful employment and to help poor. Republican Party. A number of the members ran for public office and were successful. I think, without question, all of our efforts resulted in a shifting emphasis on significant family and moral issues. In , during your bid for the U. Christian Coalition members, or those supported by them, were elected to a number of very important offices in the nation. More than anything, my campaign and the work of the Christian Coalition and its successors have shown Christians that they need to be involved in the public debate in our nation, and that they now have the skill to take important positions in political parties and to be elected to public office from district attorney to state legislatures to Congress and beyond.

After the presidential election, I was completely exhausted from my efforts as a candidate. If you get out now, all that you have accomplished will be lost. I had a very enthusiastic list of people who had assisted in my campaign. The Christian Coalition was started with a modest contribution from me, the campaign mailing list, and several dedicated people, including a bright young man named Ralph Reed who I had asked to be the executive director. The Christian Coalition burst like a dry prairie lit by a match. It quickly became one of the most effective lobbying groups in the nation, and in state-after-state the Christian Coalition members attained significant positions in the.

Alabama To Allow Sandhill Crane Hunting After More Than 100 Years

Regent University was established to meet unique cultural needs within our society. Please expound on why Christian education is so very important to America and to Western civilization in general? It started with seven faculty and seventyseven students. In the subsequent years, it has grown to a student body including online students of over 6, It is clearly fulfilling its mission: over education graduates have. On the air continuously since , it is one of the longest-running programs in broadcast history.

The Club is a mix of news and commentary, interviews, feature stories, and Christian ministry. The Club can be seen in 96 percent of the homes in the U. CBN International maintains 15 television production centers around the world that create indigenous versions of The Club and other Christian programs in 39 languages.

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CBN International programs are broadcast in countries to an estimated yearly viewing audience of million people. It also features in-depth investigative reporting by the CBN News team. With bureaus in Washington, D. It is known as a place with strong academic standards and equally strong spiritual emphasis. Obviously, the future of our society depends ultimately on the next generation. At this point of time, secular education has woefully failed to instill the values in our young people which will bring.

Why and what do you believe to be the greatest misconception of the man Pat Robertson? The distortion has been rather profound and somewhat hurtful, but somehow in the goodness of the Lord, the truth of the Lord has come through despite deliberate mischaracterization of people who are opposed to conservative Judeo-Christian values.

Kingdom Men Submit - Devotional by Tony Evans

Despite the misconceptions, I am in fact much more tolerant, generous, and liberal than they point me out to be. Please describe for our readers a typical day in the life of Pat Robertson and how that has changed since 30 years ago? I host a national and international television program four days a week. I am responsible for managing a size able endowment at Regent University. His family includes four children—Tim Robertson, Mrs.

Elizabeth Robinson, Gordon Robertson, and Mrs. Ann LeBlanc, as well as fourteen grandchildren and four great children.

Robertson has a distinguished career as the founder of several major organizations and corporations as well as a university: The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN , the International Family Entertainment Inc. The son of U. Senator A. His media and financial resources make him a recognized, influential, and yet often misquoted and controversial public voice for conservative Christianity in the United States. Tell us what you like and want to see in future editions. Also share with us which articles are the most helpful.

Send your ideals to info christiansportsman. Send your photographs with a short exploration to: info christiansportsman. Click here to become a member. You are invited to attend the premier event of the season to personally hear and meet Peter Micciche as our featured keynote speaker. As a commercial fisherman, family advocate, Alaska State Senator and businessman, Peter is passionate about life! Christmas had been what Christmas always is…a highlight of the year. And the best present was not wrapped in a box with foil paper and a red bow. It came in living color—as our son Bryan returned home from a tour in Afghanistan.

Now January had come and deer season was still on in Texas. The flight to San Antonio took me to the edge of the fabled Hill Country to meet up with two great friends, and then an SUV carried us faithfully to the ranch where our adventure waited some four hours away. The morning was cold and crisp, the sky clear and every hunter primed to pull the trigger.

As we settled into the bunking quarters, we were breathing the air of anticipation. Smiles filled every face, laughter was infectious, voices rose with anticipation and we chowed. The first morning found every hunter out of his bed, dressed, some food in his stomach and eagerly waiting for the guides to walk in and get the hunt on!

It was game time and we were ready for game on!! My guide, David, was a great guy. He knew the ranch, was familiar with the patterns the deer had been moving in, and personified patience as though he were the poster boy for the trait. But the day came and went without any chance of a shot at a good deer.

But one of our group came back with a smile as big as Texas, telling the story of the deer that he had taken. A beauty! And that was just the beginning. My new friend and ranch owner Gary Schwarz, sent me and my guide David to one site while he struck out to another stand where a big deer had been spotted a few days before our arrival.

Faith Afield : A Sportsman's Devotional -

We would keep in touch by texts, and Gary. I raised my gun to position, strained to see through mist, and imagined my trophy stepping out and me taking a big breath, letting it out slowly and steadily squeezing the trigger. Gary had spotted a big deer across the ranch. He encouraged us to hop out of our blind, jump in our 4-wheeler and high-tail it to where he was positioned.

But David hesitated regarding easing out of our blind and busting the deer in front of us. Squealing to a stop, I sprinted to where Gary was crouching behind a stand. The bruiser was yards away. Take a step…freeze…another… freeze…move now…stop— and so it went until after what seemed like an eternity I slipped into the seat, lifted my rifle into position, took a deep breath…and heard the gravel crunch from the truck! Oh no!!