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During the final battle, all appears to be lost when Charlemagne appears, leading his army. They tear into the Empire's flank, turning the tide of the battle. Bellorum's sons are both killed; with Charlemagne beheading Octavius, although not before he almost fatally wounds Mekhmet; and Charlemagne's sister, Cressida, impaling Sulla in the stomach. Scipio's army turns and flees, breaking their rock hard discipline. Scipio himself flees, but is hunted down by the Vampire Queen, who has returned. Thirrin takes the pleasure of killing him.

Throughout the story, Medea , the youngest daughter of Thirrin and Oskan, has been causing havoc. Inheriting the legacy and powers of Oskan, who inherited them through his father, she also has the choice between Light and Dark. She inevitably chooses the dark, and begins trying to murder her little brother, Charlemagne, for "stealing" her parent's love.

She uses her weather powers to create a storm and try to take out the fleet of ships Sharley is traveling with on his journey to Venezzia, hoping that the storm will kill him. Many of the ships collapse but Sharley survives. She later causes the death of her brother, Cerdic and many soldiers of The Icemark by manipulating the leaders of the allies minds and making them go into a battle that they can't be successful in. When Sharley returns to the Icemark, she possesses his friend Mekhmet and gives Sharley the option to kill him or be killed himself.

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Only with the help of the Blessed Women do they both survive. Oskan realizes that a Dark Witch is causing trouble, but does not believe it is his daughter. Then, she attempts to murder Charlemagne as he "returns to the north with a blade of fire in his hand" as stated in Oskan's prophecy. When Oskan calls down lightning from the sky, she takes it from him and directs it at Sharley.

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Oskan, enraged, deflects it back at her. He then shows her how strong the temptation of the Dark is on him, and how much it could heighten his own powers. Finally, he sends Medea into the realms of Dark. The book ends with Charlemagne and an old housecarl who is an expert, showing Mekhmet how to fish, something never seen in the Southern continent. Erinor's dinosaur cavalry move in on what remains of the Polypontian Empire, fully intending to move on to the Icemark afterwards. Responding to a plea for help from the Empire, a reluctant Thirrin leads her army into the heart of what was once enemy territory.

Initially, Thirrin hates having to work with the Polypontians, however upon meeting their emperor who is only a young boy, not yet in his teens she realizes that everything she hated about the Empire comes from the Bellorum clan. With them gone, feelings towards the Empire, though still embittered by previous wars, begin thawing.

However, by invading the Empire to confront Erinor, the Icemark is left open to an invasion from the Darkness Cronus and his ice demons. Fortunately, because the Vampire Queen chooses to remain behind, she and her vampires are able to defend the Icemark, launching raids and ambushes on the ice demons.

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Although the Vampire Queen knows she cannot win, she harries their efforts. Oskan, entrusted with the secret knowledge that Dark Adepts cannot kill the ones they love without dying, defeats Cronus and Medea at the cost of his own life. It was released on 6 June Stuart Hill has stated in interviews that the book would tell the tale of how Redrought met Thirrin's mother, that Redrought will encounter the soldiers of the Holly and Oak King, and that the novel will feature a cat character called Cadwaladar. Stuart has said he would like to write two more stories involving Redrought but he is unsure if he will get the opportunity to.

See List of Characters in the Icemark Chronicles. See Medea The Icemark Chronicles.

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Prior to King Redrought's reign, The Icemark had a violent history. Of the previous eight monarchs, only two died in their bed. King Redrought's reign lasted the longest. His majesty ruled for more than twenty years. The expert archer of the Avengers will return in his own TV series, once again played by Jeremy Renner.

A Monsters Inc. It is set to premiere in It features all of the recent Marvel films, lots of Disney classics and a load of 20th Century Fox films from the past thirty years. How much does it cost? How do I sign up? Thursday, 19th September at am. Related news.

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Return back to her family and her predictable life? Adult Reading Material The material in this story is for adult audiences only.

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It is intended only for those of age 18 and older. Aileen Rose.

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