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The Identity Shift Project

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It is very hard to define an identity, but everyone has at least one! Person:You didn't fill out this form correctly.

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You have to put real answers down? Person2: 'Asexual' isn't a real orientation. Sometimes it feels like people assume that a person's identity is either fixed, and the idea that people can or should have only one sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other identity orientation is still held by some people The problem is, those stories still emphasize that for each person there is one true identity that they either know or must discover. But I think identity always changes and evolves.

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There's no 'end', there's just the understanding of what you are or aren't from moment to moment. Even when you have what feels like a fixed, stable identity Person: I'm straight! I'll always be straight! The label may stay the same, but the person doesn't. But it feels like we encounter a lot of resistance if we undergo a number of identity changes that involve modifying how we socially present and identify ourselves.

B: Of course. B: Very well, sir! I'm glad you've figured out who you are. B: Wait, so that was a LIE? Or were you just confused? You should make up your mind, it's not fair for the rest of us. But even identities that seem very different or at odds with each other can be embodied faithfully and honestly by the same person at different times - or even at the same time!

6 Shifts New Leaders Must Make to Succeed

But what is perceived as inconsistent identifies is often framed as a betrayal of trust or as a deception: A: Carly? Why are you dressed like that? And why do people here keep calling you by a different name than we do? Which one is the 'real' you? B: It's all the real me! This is who I am in this space, but I'm still me! But we all do this to some extent!

Dresses office-casual on weekdays, goth on weekends, and cottage casual with family Speaks Canotese with one group of friends and english with others. Is quiet and reserved in knitting group, swears like a sailor at the gym, and shares cheesy puns with partners. My own timeline goes in a few directions, but almost all of these were true, cherished, and faithful identities, except when I was trying to be 'normal'.

Identity Shift 101

I think I have a crush on a girl. But that's not good. Our research has found that if you rely solely on the technical expertise that landed you your promotion, you are likely to be rated by others as less successful in your new leadership role. In fact, new managers can avoid derailing their careers by boosting their skills in these 4 critical areas. Your former peers some may even be your close friends now directly report to you. Plus, you are not just a team member. You now lead the team and should motivate others. Former coworkers who were colleagues and friends will view you somewhat differently once you are in a leadership position.

Some helpful guidelines:. Productive leaders drive team results by delegating tasks. Your team members will stagnate, productivity will slow, and the organization will suffer. If you can accept politics as a necessary part of the bigger picture of leadership, you are more likely to be productive and satisfied with your job. Both new and experienced leaders must understand that actions and decisions can have far-reaching consequences.

Consider how your words and actions could affect your team, the organization, and everyone involved.

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Being better able to manage your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as seek to understand the perspectives of others, will increase your odds of long-term success in your new role. You have the tools to encourage and model effective communication, seek solutions instead of blaming, give constructive feedback, and find ways to connect individual and organizational needs.

With a foundation of these 6 key identity shifts, you are more likely to be seen as an effective boss. Ready to change your perspective? Our Maximizing Your Leadership Potential and Frontline Leader Impact programs also develop the perspective, knowledge, and practical skills that new managers need to effectively lead others. Ready to Take the Next Step?

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