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One voice is telling her to go the traditional route of art school and art galleries, while the other is telling her that graffiti is her chance to be different. This is something that everyone can relate to: trying to solve the questions of who am I? Her attitude and getting sucked into the street crowd so easily confused me with the contrast to her upbringing and how her family members were adjusting. But the overall message and theme definitely hit home; I was thinking about Into the Dangerous World days after I finished reading.

Julie Chibbaro has a wonderfully visual writing style. With art being so central to Ror and her story, the illustrations are a perfect addition to this book. Into the Dangerous World has the potential to be beneficial to a lot of teenage readers. Into The Dangerous World also features diverse characters and settings, which there has been a big cry for in young adult literature lately.

Lauren is a twenty-something currently living in Northern Virginia. She loves to read YA books and watch movie adaptations.

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This unique novel is rife with allusions to William Blake, Andy Warhol, and many other creative geniuses, including Keith Herring, who is featured as a "minor" character and significant influence on the protagonist. Jan 01, Annie Bannanie rated it it was amazing. This book was too creative to not like. I really liked the characters, especially the protagonist and her creativity!

I really liked reading about the protagonist's journey as a criminal who spray paints the streets and stuff. The book also had really creative pictures that she drew and I really enjoyed looking at them. I would definitely recommend this book!

Mar 08, Janice Dimock rated it liked it. This was an interesting YA coming of age story. The young protagonist, Ror, becomes obsessed with graffiti art and the young man leading a 'crew', but is torn between that and the classic art her late father wanted her to create. A brush with the law scares her into reconsidering her choices. Apr 10, Olivia rated it did not like it. No one should read this book I would suggest this book to no one unless I don't like them.

Nov 30, Anagha rated it liked it. The plot of this book was great and had a lot of potential but it was so incredibly boring. I found myself dreading reading it and I eventually just gave up. Feb 07, Nicole Z rated it it was amazing. Love it! Arts super good. Feb 07, Shannon Shepherd rated it really liked it. From her background on the commune and total reliance on her self-destructive artist father to her involvement with an underground graffiti crew, Aurora must learn to believe in herself as she navigates the dangerous world. Jul 23, Britt rated it really liked it.

Jul 08, Michelle Undeniably Book Nerdy rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , zphysical-review , zalaac.

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I have to admit, I was ready to feel indifferent towards this book. The cover and the synopsis didn't really appeal to me, but I picked it up because I was intrigued by the art. I flipped through the book, and some were beautiful while others were strange and the graffiti made me cringe more on that later. The synopsis mentioned Ror growing up in a commune, but that didn't click with me.

The time and place really added a different dimension to the story. I really enjoyed it all the more.

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The story began with a bang. Ror's father burst into her room with a large roll of paper and was spouting about how he was going to save her. But he ended up burning down the commune, with him trapped inside. This left Ror, her older sister and mom homeless. They had to leave Staten Island and moved into a really crappy apartment and live on food stamps.

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Ror lived her whole life in the commune and Manhattan was a different world. All she had was her art, which was heavily influenced by her father. She ended up meeting Trey at school and she joined their graffiti crew called Noise Ink.

She's exposed to a different kind of art that went against what her father taught her. I'm not an art person. I do have some vague knowledge of different art styles and some classic and modern artists.

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The novel mentioned Dadaism a few times and I was able to associate it with art pieces in my head. That was a really fun for me. It brought me back to the Art class I took in college years ago and I realized that I remember quite a bit from the class. This novel also name dropped a lot of artist names and it spurred some Googling on my part, and that was really fun as well. The biggest impact Into the Dangerous World had on me was about graffiti. I've always associated graffiti with vandalism and didn't really give it much attention.

When I see new graffiti on walls as I'm driving or walking in my neighborhood, my first thought was the delinquents struck again. When I first flipped through the book to look at the pictures and saw the graffiti, I was skeptical. But I got a different perspective on it from reading this novel. I didn't know about the unique tags names--it just looked like scribble scrabble to me--and its meaning to the individual. I haven't completely changed my mind about it as an art form, it's not really my cup of tea but I've come to appreciate graffiti art a bit more.

It bears looking at a little more closely. If you want a different kind of read, definitely pick up Into the Dangerous World. If you're an artist or interested in art discussion, you should definitely pick this book up. But if you're like me and not very well-versed in visual art, you'll enjoy it anyway. It was wonderfully written with an interesting main character, and the art pieces were striking and, at times, thought-provoking and really added to the story and Ror's journey as an artist.

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It brought up a lot interesting discussion about art and being an artist. To me, it's not a book that's going to stand out on its own among the other flashier YA titles, but if you pick it up you'll be surprised at how really good it is. I really enjoyed it, so much more than I ever thought I would. I hope you all give Into the Dangerous World a chance. Aug 27, Michael rated it really liked it. First, I have to mention how well this was written. The only thing that stopped me was the art which I will get to. Her world is thrown into a spiral as she attempts the First, I have to mention how well this was written.

Her world is thrown into a spiral as she attempts the tough transition from a self-sustaining lifestyle in the country to the hustle and bustle of civilized living in the city with her mother and sister. We see Ror find solace in an existing love of art after going to school for the first time. Ror is slowly thrust into the world of graffiti art and tagging which she finds a love and connection with. She is caught between the worlds of Street art and Mainstream art while battling with the conflicts of who she was and who she wants to be and who society wants her to be. Chibbaro did a wonderful job of showing her battle with the now and her potential.

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  • Another thing I really liked was how realistic Chibbaro was in writing the characters like Ror and her street crew. She maintained that tough urban attitude and tone that often is glossed over in some novels. It really gave the story another added dimension of realism, which I really appreciated as a reader. It made me buy into the story more than I think I would have otherwise.

    That tone added even more effect, I think, to the journey of personal growth and discovery that Ror was on. Growing up I had quite the passion for drawing, and like Ror it was my release when life got hard. It was how I coped with things before I found writing. So in that respect I liked the connection I was able to make with the story and how art can change the possibilities for people.

    Lastly, I want to talk about the art in this book.

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    Yes, it is a novel with pictures! The illustrations were done by JM Superville Sovak and really blew my mind. Which also inspired me as a young artist. In Into the Dangerous World, the art was blended so fluidly that they truly added to the story instead of feeling like they were just there. Between the honest and gritty storytelling, the pop culture references and the equally gritty drawings I really loved this book.