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Persuading subjects to talk, even anonymously, is an achievement where betrayal is commonplace and there is always someone watching. Navai has a formidable talent as a storyteller. Her stories are by turns comical, intriguing and heart-wrenching. Ramita Navai is an award-winning British-Iranian journalist and broadcaster who has lived in Tehran and London, and feels allegiance to both countries.

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It was while working as a newspaper correspondent in Tehran that she began interviewing a wide range of ordinary people about their lives, collecting stories which are unsurprisingly extraordinary. This gripping book is a mosaic of such glimpses into a very different world A talented writer Navai has a reporter's eye for the telling detail Toon meer Toon minder. Lees de eerste pagina's.

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    Anita Amirrezvani Dochter van Isfahan 7, David Harvey The Limits to Capital 18, In winkelwagen. Michael Axworthy Iran 10, This relentless page-turner, a lip-smacking and juicy read, examines the mass hysteria that followed in the wake of Marilyn s assassination. No death in the 20th century, other than that of JFK himself, ever sparked more cover-ups, lies, criminal thefts of vital data including body parts , bribes, perjury, myths, incompetent investigating, distorted medical records, unauthorized leaks, outrageous rumors, and a blitzkrieg of bizarre books that obscured more than they revealed.


    Like the sirens of Greek mythology, Marilyn was an irresistible temptress who captivated powerful men. On her road to ruin, the once-vulnerable waif had mutated into a temperamental vixen, seducing and then provoking dangerous men who presided over the economic and military mechanisms of the Free World and the innermost sanctums of organized crime. Filled with rage, hysteria, and depression, and fed up with Jack s lies, Bobby s lies, she sought revenge and mass vindication.


    Her revelations at an imminent press conference could have toppled political dynasties and destroyed criminal empires. Marilyn had to be stopped. This investigative book treats the reader like a member of the jury, laying out evidence, stripping it of its links to the self-interest of whoever gave it, ad separating what really happened from thousands of distorted and misleading testimonies.