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Tanis dies.. That should have been the tragic end of her story. But she wakes up on a cold morgue slab…and soon learns that miraculous resurrections have brutal side effects William Rabkin. Best Sellers. The Dead Man, Vol.

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The Sharing Knife

Adding to library failed. Please try again. Where is Lyra? In what way can a knife that divides pathways between worlds and can sever bone, rock, and steel be called "subtle"?

Who is more powerful, Will or Lyra? Whose cause is more important? Is it the same cause? Is the "psychic death" caused by severing the same as that caused by the Specters? Relate these to the "natural" deaths suffered by Lee Scoresby and John Parry. Armored bears, witches, severed children and adults, cliff-ghasts, Spectres, and angels are beings with spiritual qualities different from humans.

Why does the authorintroduce so many creatures with alternative soul-states?


Yet one is called a shaman while the other is preparing to be a general. What is the relationship between these two men? Compare it to the relationship between Will and Lyra. The Golden Compass takes place in a "closed" world where Lyra finds guidance through her newly-found alethiometer.

The Mouth of Sauron

In The Subtle Knife , boundaries between worlds have been broken, Lyra loses her alethiometer, and Will becomes the reluctant bearer of the knife. Share: Share on Facebook.

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Add to Cart. These spirit-creatures, physical manifestations of the human soul, can change shape until their human companions reach adolescence. Then each daemon settles into the animal form that best reflects the inner nature of its human counterpart.

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Coulter, is conducting experiments in which children are severed from their daemons, turning them into emotionless, almost inhuman beings. Coulter and her colleagues are doing this to learn more about a substance called "Dust, " which seems to accumulate on humans when they reach maturity. While many fear Dust, both Mrs. The Golden Compass concludes with Lord Asriel harnessing the power of Dust to create an opening in the atmosphere of his world, forging a bridge to another universe. This he fearlessly crosses, leaving Mrs.

Coulter behind.

enter site Lyra perceives that Dust is good and vows to discover its secrets with the help of her "golden compass", or alethiometer, a truth-seeking device. And so Lyra and her daemon, Pantalaimon, follow Lord Asriel into the other world. The Subtle Knife begins in our own world, where Will Parry, driven by curiosity about his mysterious, missing father and concern for his vulnerable, disturbed mother, accidentally kills an intruder. While fleeing, he finds a "window" into a sunlit otherworld. What could be a better refuge than a hidden universe?

But this universe is a strange, empty place: a city that seems to have been abandoned in such haste that food is left rotting on plates at a sidewalk cafe.