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Before we lead you into the battle zone you will have to fill in an insurance waiver, so make sure to allow an extra 15 minutes before your appointed battle time. Are you unsure if you can handle this dystopian horror scenario? If a zombie hunter gets too uncomfortable during the hunt he or she may contact the zombie commander and will be safely guided outside. Now gear up, put on your battle face, chose your best team and meet the challenge of the Zombie Apocalypse Laser Gun Adventure.

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More Info. In the not so distant future, horrors await. Your weaponry For this video-game style shooting game you will be equipped with an infrared military training machine gun that comes as close as it gets to the real thing. Duration: Approx. You must be physically fit, emotionally sound and ready to blow some zombie brains out!

All participants must sign a waiver prior to participation. Secure Checkout. Cancellation Policy Please carefully review your ticket selection before confirming your order as we do not offer any refunds once a ticket has been purchased. Frequently Asked Questions:. Will zombies touch or bite me? No, zombies will not make physical contact with you. What is the minimum age? The Zombie Apocalypse is PG Parental guidance is suggested in the case of children under the age of If you're a fan of the comics, you will find discrepancies in the backstories of some of the characters in this book.

The leading character is Lilly Caul, an insecure, fear-addled young woman who joined the tent city after the death of her father. She has found a protector in Josh Lee Hamilton, a giant of a man who was a well-known chef in pre-zombie times. Josh portrays the stereotypical "magical Negro" character that has become a familiar horror-story trope for example, Duncan in Stephen King's Green Mile.

After Lilly and Josh are forced to leave the camp under unfortunate circumstances, they hit the road accompanied by Bob, an alcoholic ex-military medic; Lilly's friend, Meghan, a druggie who has begun using her body as a means of income; and Scott, Meghan's stoner boyfriend. We follow their short road trip as they meet up with a few zombies, confront the Governor's thugs, and arrive in Woodbury, where the find Governor in the early stages of his rule over the ragtag population. From their first moments in Woodbury, Lilly and Josh sense that bad things are happening behind the scenes, and of course they are absolutely correct.

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This book doesn't have the punch that Rise of the Governor had. That book was a grim but fascinating study of the development of a major Walking Dead character. This book deals with supporting characters, and it doesn't provide many details about their pasts, so we don't always know what is driving them to do the things they do. Lilly's rebellious actions near the end of the book seem to come out of nowhere. All along, she's been a relatively passive creature, living most of the time in crippling fear.

Then, all of a sudden, she dreams up a revolutionary plan and talks some relatively tough characters into following along with her—all of which comes across as highly improbable. I listened to the audiobook as well as reading the print version, and I highly recommend the audio version. Fred Berman does a great job of telling the story—differentiating the voices and emphasizing the suspense, tension, and horror of the frequently graphic situations.

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Fans of Walking Dead will want to read the book just for the bits of back story on Lilly, the Governor, and others even though they frequently contradict the comics. As is always true in Walking Dead stories, this one overflows with seriously gory graphic violence and dark acts of brutality. It's not for the faint of heart, but if you're at all squeamish, you wouldn't be reading Walking Dead books anyhow—right? Recommended for all libraries.

The zombie apocalypse has come to Cairns, Australia—but instead of the truth, the government is telling the residents that there is an outbreak of encephalitis among miners. Lori Nelson is a nurse at the hospital, and sees firsthand what is really going on. A widow and mother of three, Lori is determined to protect her family at any cost and see them through this catastrophe. In a desperate attempt to escape the area, Lori, her kids, and some other survivors try to flee, but are stopped at an Army checkpoint.

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A well-written novel, Dead Tropics is another viewpoint on the beginnings of a potential apocalypse. While Dead Tropics has a lot of the core pieces of any zombie story, I really like the main character, Lori. She is a strong female who will do whatever she can to save her children.

She is like a lioness protecting her cubs. Dead Tropics is a really good zombie novel for fans of the genre. The summer has just begun for the boys, who will begin high school in the fall, and life is good….. Waking in the hospital almost a month later, Toby finds out that his best friend is dead, and no one knows who attacked the boys. Toby also learns that his life was saved by Mr. Joseph—a strange old man whom the neighborhood children have made fun of and tormented for years.

Toby is lost, not understanding why his almost idyllic life has been shattered in such a brutal manner. He makes his way over to Mr. Toby begins spending time with Mr. Joseph, learning about his life in Haiti before coming to America. What Toby eventually discovers about Mr. Joseph will shock Toby and test his loyalty to his new friend.

The Awakening is a beautifully written story that involves Haitian zombies, racism and the ugliness of the human race. Toby and Mr. Joseph are deeply human and sympathetic characters that I really felt something for. I was fully invested in these people. Joseph is most disturbing.

It includes an amazing introduction by author Ray Garton, beautiful interior artwork by Erin Wells, and a fantastic cover design by Deena Warner. I highly recommend you pick this one up.

Contains: some adult language, violence and gore. Years into the zombie apocalypse, twelve-year-old Riley has just lost her father to the plague and she is now alone. Trying to survive in a well-stocked cabin in the woods, she is soon found by a local militia and must leave before they kill her—or worse. Jack, a former militia member who wants to redeem himself, gets Riley away, but unfortunately, not without losing his life. Once again on her own, and sick, Riley is found by a family, the Milners, who take her in.

Things seem to be going well for a while, but then the Milners receive some unwanted visitors who take them to Poughkeepsie, a city run by gangs. Riley is taken to the Sisters of Life, a glorified breeding center, where the Hag who is in charge tells Riley she is special. With her new family, Riley leaves the city and makes her way to a settlement where she may finally get some answers about who she really is.

David Bernstein has given the zombie apocalypse a neat twist with Amongst the Dead and his character Riley. She is a strong female character, as is her adopted mother, Joanne ,which is nice to see in apocalyptic fiction.

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The story is solid and believable and characters are well-developed. I was kind of freaked out by the Sisters of Life and their disturbing ways. She is wise beyond her years but craving human contact and love. Samhain has a huge hit on their hands with Amongst the Dead and its refreshing and not-so-bleak take on the apocalypse.

Contains: violence, gore, adult language and sexual situations. The story begins six months after the end of the first book, in Seattle, now a walled city. Sadie finds herself responsible for raising her nephew when her sister is killed. When zombies breach the city wall, she is rescued by Andrea, a friend with access to a boat. Once the boat is out at sea, zombies attack and kill the captain of the boat, leaving Sadie, her nephew, Andrea, and the other passengers lost and, eventually, stranded on an island infested with zombies that is already home to another group of survivors.

The biggest problem with the book is Sadie, the point of view character. She constantly makes poor decisions and judgments, both in her actions and in how she deals with other characters. Shane, her nephew, is little more than a plot moppet, mainly useful for motivating her bizarre mood swings. Pop culture references and witty dialogue still pepper the story, but the book lacks the emotional depth and character development of Allison Hewitt is Trapped.

Roux is a talented writer, and I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next. Contains: gore, torture, violence, cannibalism, sexual situations. Permuted Press, Available: Kindle e-book. Something strange has happened in Nevada, but no one is talking. Deputy Sheriff Jubal Slate of Serenity, New Mexico has his hands full with a mysterious illness making its way through town. A woman drives into town with a strange story of a military weapons experiment that went horribly wrong.

Now, the disease is spreading, the sunrise is an eerie green and the dead are coming back.