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If you grew up in an addicted family, the dysfunction that permeated every aspect of your childhood may have seemed "normal", and you may not even realize the level of affect alcohol still has on your adult life - whether or not you drink. You may have learned how to "survive", but are you "living" your life?

In this breakthrough book, clinical psychologist Lindsay Gibson exposes the destructive nature of parents who are emotionally immature or unavailable. You will see how these parents create a sense of neglect and discover ways to heal from the pain and confusion caused by your childhood. By freeing yourself from your parents' emotional immaturity, you can recover your true nature, control how you react to them, and avoid disappointment.

Men and intimacy

Finally, you'll learn how to create positive new relationships so you can build a better life. Using a combination of workshop presentations and exclusive, practical exercises, accompanied by the soothing music of Steven Halpern, John Bradshaw demonstrates how your wounded inner child may be causing you pain and offers the tools to help you gradually, safely go back to reclaim, and nurture that child - and literally help yourself grow up again. This special presentation will show you how to: validate your inner child through meditations and affirmations; give your child permission to break destructive family roles and rules; adopt new rules allowing pleasure and honest self-exploration; deal with anger and difficult relationships; pay attention to your innermost purpose and desires Alcoholism, drug abuse, and similar destructive practices can render families dysfunctional.

When the children of these families become adults, they sometimes develop self-defeating survival tactics, such as low self-esteem or an obsession with controlling another person's behavior. To help those stuck in codependent cycles identify and eliminate such troubling issues from their relationships, Beattie shares wisdom gained from years of experience.

Recovery of Your Inner Child is the only book that tells you how to have a firsthand experience of your Inner Child - actually feeling its emotions and recapturing its sense of wonder - by writing and drawing with your non-dominant hand. Capacchione shares scores of hands-on activities that will help you to embrace your Vulnerable Child and your Angry Child, find the Nurturing Parent within, and finally discover the Creative and Magical Child that can heal your life.

Daughters Betrayed by Their Mothers: Moving from Brokenness to Wholeness is an intimate exploration into the lives of daughters who were wounded by their mothers and who chose wellness over victimhood. Each daughter's unique story of recovery is a testament to the power of choice, perseverance, and resilience.

Listeners are invited to journey alongside the daughters, grabbing hold of healing lifelines and moving from broken places to whole spaces within. Acute trauma and addictive disorders are often a result of psychological injuries experienced as a child, while typically producing long-term and harmful generational consequences on loved ones and other family members.

Why Men Struggle with Intimacy

Claudia Black presents a portrait of a broken family system, exploring how addiction and trauma develop in families, their damaging repetition, and offers a roadmap for healing. Do you use substances or engage in compulsive activities to regulate your mood? Do you reach for something sweet, a couple of drinks, or a pack of cigarettes after a difficult day because you can't unwind without them? Do you race to the stores to spend away the day's frustrations or run around in circles taking more time to get less done? If these self-defeating habits sound familiar, Emotional Sobriety will shed light on why and how these coping mechanisms threaten your health and impact resilience.

An Al-Anon classic! Inspirational readings relate Al-Anon philosophy to everyday situations, helping to make each day better than the one before. If your life has been affected by addiction yours or someone else's , abuse, trauma or toxic shaming, you may also be struggling with another invisible problem - codependency.

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The Fear of Intimacy

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