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Thomas Aquinas , the Summa Theologica is divided into three parts and is designed to instruct both beginners and experts in all matters of Christian Truth.

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It discusses topics central to Christian morality, ethics, law, and the life of Christ, providing philosophical and theological solutions to common arguments and questions surrounding the Christian faith. The views presented in this body of writing are currently upheld in large part by the modern doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.

Interesting references to and insights on ensoulment and embryology , as well as other topics discussed in Summa Theologica , indicate a strong Aristotelian and Augustinian influence.


The Summa Theologica focuses on religious matters pertinent to the organization and doctrine of the Catholic faith, discussions of virtues and the Sacraments, and the nature of the Christian triune God and His creation. Thomas Aquinas felt called to serve the Church through scholarship in writing and preaching, and worked on Summa Theologica until shortly before his death.

It is said that after a period of ecstasy during mass on 6 December , Aquinas declared he would write no more, as anything he wrote would pale in comparison to what had just been revealed to him. Upon his death on 7 March , Aquinas left his chief theological handiwork incomplete. The third and final section of his writings was later completed by his close friend, Fra Rainaldo da Piperno.


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Summa Theologica: Structure, Scope, and Purpose

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  • The Blessed Trinity. The Angels.

    Summa Theologica

    The Six Days. The Government of Creatures. Man's Last End. Human Acts. Vice and Sin. Acts Which Pertain to Certain Men.

    Summa Theologica, 01 Pars Prima, Initial Questions, Part 1 Of 2, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Audiobook

    The Incarnation.