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Veronica February 22, Jess February 22, Loove love love the name Nora with or without the h on the end. Think of it like this: If my kid was running for president, would they keep their given name? Trendy names are cute on babies, but will not be so cute anymore once that kid reaches adulthood. One of my best friends has the cutest name for a girl, it is Ellianna also can be spelled Eliana her middle name is Kay.

For short we call her Ellie and Ellie Mindell sounds so cute! Then when she is older Ellianna Kay is a beautiful double name. Also, its an international name!

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I looove the nickname Gabe! I also love picking names. I have some german names from you that easily work in english. Some are traditionel german names and other are currently popular in Germany. Kenli February 22, May I also suggest Kenli?

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Christen February 22, I love the name Olive for a girl. Sydney February 22, I was so excited when you asked us to give you baby names!! For girls I love my own name Sydney. I was named after Sydney Australia. My nickname is Syd. For boys I have always loved Flynn, Ryder, and Lincoln! Hope you love my suggestions! So excited for you and Jeff on adopting!! Liza February 22, What a happy-full-of-life moment!

Megan February 22, We can barely agree. Love the nickname criteria! One of my favorite things is alliterations. Our boy name choice will create that same alliteration. Tina February 22, Wanted to give her an option other than Cozy as an adult. Freyja is a Norse goddess whom my fourteen year old studied in the fourth grade.

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I considered Aleph as well. Our dear friends just named their boy Hendrik which we love.

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Best to you both! Different but not weird. Stephanie February 22, We chose names based on their meanings as well as honoring family members.

Picking 3 first and middle names for boys seemed nearly impossible. But we somehow agreed! My sisters kids are Finley Olive girl and Archer Monroe boy. Baby names are so so fun to talk about and come up with! Elsie Larson February 22, For boys I have always liked old man names. Hugh is my favorite! I think trendy names are harder for boys than girls because they can feel very young. Girl names!

I prefer to call him Clayton, but his family calls him Clay and some of my fam actually calls him C. Other boy names that are on my list are Miles and Marshall. I really love the name Harper which could be for a girl or boy but I really love it for a girl! I also saw a comment by a professor about beware of trendy names but my name is Kathryn I go by Katie and there is a Katie everywhere I go! Ana P. Kassy February 22, Jasper or Jasmine umm hello… super great nickname alert, I would so call my kid Jazz for short!!!

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The only boy name I have as a suggestion is Clark. Katie L February 22, I am so excited for you guys! I have a five month old and I just cannot wait for you guys to experience parenthood- so much fun! Anyways, my little boy is named Wyatt! Jen February 22, Oh picking out baby names is so stressful and so much fun! I wanted my daughter to be Ramona nickname Mona so bad, but my husband vetoed it. Our son is Oliver, but I also loved Wesley and Elijah. Arkie February 22, Can go by Cory for short.

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Emma February 22, That said, I always think about flow. How does it feel in the mouth? Seems racy, but it helps. I like mellifluous names, with assymetric syllables. That said, one of my favorite boys names is West. I named my daughter Emery, which is similar and she also goes by Emmy. If baby 3 is a boy we have no idea for a name. If baby is a girl we love Etta. Jillian February 22, I love alliteration!

Lincoln has always been my go to boy name. I love the nickname Linc or adding a J middle name for LJ. It also comes from my favorite show PrisoBreak! We named our kids Libby and Benjamin we call him Benny. No shortage of nicknames for either of them -Liberoony and Beninja are my faves. Nely February 22, The name I would like to suggest is my own, Nely.

Kaley February 22, Oh my gosh first things first I have to say how awesome it is to see such kind people becoming parents! That is what this world needs!! So I have totally been keeping a list of names too! Since you seem to really be attracted to old, southern girls names, I did you a solid and searched for old, southern boys names.

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Cedar February 22, I just love it. My nicknames ended up being ced pronounced seed and CC. My husband has always liked the name Vera so if we ever have another girl that will probably be her name. Then again, I do know of someone who lived here in Berkeley and had a little girl called Berkeley!

I actually think Berkeley is a super sweet name for a little girl, just kind of weird to have a kid with the same name as their city. Cece February 22, Hi Kelly! My mom was absolutely adamant that we not have nicknamable names, but we still got them anyway, so I love that this is something you are considering! But it stuck! Boys are harder… My husband is Timothy and I love it. It is classic and surprisingly uncommon. He suggests Felix for a boy. Samantha Turnage February 22, What a wonderfully blessed baby this will be! And Fun! And this post is also Awesome and Fun!!

We named our little boy Oliver Finn with the same hopes as you for a timeless yet unique name, but then it became the most popular name of for boys in Washington and top in the country too.

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So yeah, we failed. Kristen February 23, We considered Oliver. Have you been seeing it a lot in real life? Also loved the name Finn or Finnley! Beth February 22, This is so fun. It was hard for us to agree on names.