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The translators have refrained from giving explanatory notes and point their readers to the copious notes in the German translation done by Karl Friedrich Geldner in This is still a work in progress. The reader is completely awestruck when going through this online commentary, which clarifies many of the missing links in the book. The third volume contains a detailed bibliography and a tabulation of different hymns and their poets.

The Rig Veda

As far as this text is concerned, the translations have to be more, if the readings are to be merrier. Joel P.

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The Paradox of Origin

Oxford, England:. Oxford University Press. Present-day India on the world map.

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  8. Mainly, Rig Veda reveals an insoluble paradox in which the human mind of the past as well as the present easily gets trapped: How can the universe have sprung into existence, i. How can there be a beginning, before which there was nothing? Much of what puzzled people three thousand years ago, still puzzles us today.

    Janapadas and Mahajanapadas

    This dilemma, too. Present-day scientists wrestle with the paradox, speculating about multiverses and such in an effort to explain the something out of nothing.

    Doing so, they might just move the problem to another location, not solving it at all. So, we should be wary of taking for granted that our ancestors were intellectually inferior to us.

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    We have more facts, but they knew what we still would not know today, nor tomorrow. That's what this Creation hymn of Rig Veda points out. Click the header above to go directly to it.