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Later, the elves use a pair of zeppelins to carry the big bag of presents to the center. However, the Conductor notices that the bag is very close to the star on top of the big tree, so he calls out to the elves to increase their altitude and a few of the elves jump off, increasing the altitude of the zeppelins. However, the bag still hits the star, causing it to fall off, but some more of the elves, with bungee cords, jump off and grab it before it landed, then put it back on the tree.

The bag is soon landed on Santa's sleigh and four of the elves come to rescue the children while also saying that they knew they were there the whole time.

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Initially, Billy was hesitant to let go of his presents until one of the elves assures him the present will be in good hands. When Santa shows up, the elves begin cheering, blocking Hero Boy's view while trying to see Santa. They cheer again when Hero Boy is chosen as the one to receive the first gift of Christmas, then carry him to the sleigh and cheer again when Santa declares the silver bell the first gift. They cheer one more time while also throwing their hats into the air after Santa leaves the North Pole to deliver the presents and celebrate.

One of them sings " Rockin' on Top of the World " and the rest of the elves dance with many of them waltzing. Meanwhile, four of the elves get a handcar and use it to re-couple the observation car to the rest of the train, then fall down in exhaustion.

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Then the replacement drill broke as well. At this point, the workers were spooked and refused to go near the hill. Icelandic laws were written in stating that all places reputed for magic or are connected to folktales, customs or national beliefs should be protected for their cultural heritage, according to the Iceland Monitor. Interestingly, however, accidental damage to elf residences seem to come to light almost immediately. Over time and across different cultures, a certain type of elf emerged, one with a somewhat different nature and form than the mischievous and diminutive sprites of yore.

Some elves, such as those depicted in J. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, are slender, human-sized, and beautiful, with fine — almost angelic — features. Tolkien's characters were drawn largely from his research into Scandinavian folklore, and therefore it's not surprising that his elves might be tall and blond.

Though not immortal, these elves were said to live hundreds of years. They have also become a staple of modern fantasy fiction. Gary Gygax, co-creator of the seminal role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, was not only influenced by Tolkien's elves but also instrumental in popularizing them, even including elves as one of the character races along with humans that gamers could play. In either form, elves are strongly associated with magic and nature. As with fairies, elves were said to secretly steal healthy human babies and replace them with their own kind.

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These changelings appeared at first glance to be human babies, but if they became seriously sick or temperamental, parents would sometimes suspect that their own child had been abducted by elves. There were even legends instructing parents on how to get their real child back from its elven abductors. Each generation seems to have their own use for elves in their stories. Just as leprechauns have historically been associated with one type of work shoemaking , it is perhaps not surprising that many common and commercial images of elves depict them as industrious workers — like Santa's elves or even the Keebler cookie-baking elves.

See the pictures for what it looks like.

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Chat with Santa and Mrs. Claus or the author and illustrator before Christmas! Claus for children. You choose the day and time restrictions on previous commitments will apply.

This award also includes a digital copy of The Christmas Eve Journey sent prior to the conversation. Special Collector's Limited Edition Book. We had a first print made of books and had them specially imprinted on the inside page with "Exclusive First Print Edition Number XX of " Numbers will be assigned. Your book will also be signed by the author and illustrator. A special dedication, if requested, can be included. A handwritten notecard from the author and illustrator is also included. No matter how many books are sold throughout the world, the owner of this book will be in a very exclusive club.

The Master Elf Level receives the Chief Elf level above shipped in a limited edition red gift box along with the commemorative mug, a limited edition 11"x17" print signed by the author and illustrator, the special edition distressed-fabric tote bag, and an author-signed copy of "Santa's Famous, Incredible, Flying Reindeer", along with a personally signed thank you note from the author and illustrator. This is it. This and all the items listed below are shipped in a special red gift box Prints will be shipped separately.


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But this is just the beginning. Look carefully at all this reward includes. Sep 3, - Oct 3, 30 days. Children's Books Maryville, TN. Funding Canceled. Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 19 Last updated September 19, Santa is looking for elves! Joe Moore.