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McBride, Michael J. Muller, David J. Professor of Music, B. Neu, John H. Price, Joseph L. Radisich, Paula R. Professor of Art and Art History, B.

UCR General Catalog 2013-2014

Reed, Brian A. Professor of Theatre and Communication Arts, , B. Smith, R. Stanton, Shannon M. Associate Professor of Education, B.

Swift, Cheryl C. Switzer, Michelle K. Associate Professor of Philosophy, B. Campbell Distinguished Chair in Biology, B.

UCI General Catalogue Archives

Van Oosbree, Patricia A. Vetrone, Sylvia A. Wagner, Judith T. Ferguson Chair in International Economics, B. Crump, Laurel Library Director, B. Dmohowski, Joseph F. Serials and E-Resources Librarian, B.

Garabedian, Michael Cataloging Librarian, B. S, University of California, Los Angeles. Velkavrh, Nick Systems Librarian, B. Carlyle, Irene V. Associate Professor, Speech Pathology and Audiology Rafael, B. Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures Gottschall, Marilyn, B. Associate Professor, Religious Studies Mills, Eugene S. Professor, Psychology President College Librarian and Professor , Woirol, Gregory R. Professor, Economics and Business Administration College Life.

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Gamble, and T. The evolution of digit form in Gonatodes Gekkota: Sphaerodactylidae and its implications for the transition from frictional to adhesive contact in gekkotans. Journal of Morphology. In press. Bolting, bouldering, and burrowing: functional morphology and biomechanics of pedal specializations in desert-dwelling lizards. Bininda-Emonds, G.

Powell, H. Jamniczky, A. Theodor eds. Suction power output and the inertial cost of rotating the neurocranium to generate suction in fish. Journal of Theoretical Biology. Measey, A. Birn-Jeffery, A. Herrel, and K.

Functional divergence between morphs of a dwarf chameleon: Differential locomotor kinematics in relation to habitat structure. Birn-Jeffery, C. Collins, C.

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Hulsey, and A. Adaptive simplification and the evolution of gecko locomotion: Morphological and biomechanical consequences of losing adhesion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Also check out our Cover image 52 Collins, C. Russell, and T. Subdigital adhesive pad morphology varies in relation to structural habitat use in the Namib Day Gecko, Rhoptropus afer.

Functional Ecology. Collins, T. Higham and T. Determinants of lizard escape performance: decision, motivation, ability, and opportunity. In Escaping from predators: An integrative view of escape decisions and refuge use, eds. Cooper, Jr. Passively stuck: death does not affect gecko adhesion strength.

Biology Letters. Tail autotomy and subsequent regeneration alter the mechanics of locomotion in lizards.

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Geckos significantly alter foot orientation to facilitate adhesion during downhill locomotion. Biology Letters 10, Terrestrial locomotion - Where do we stand, where are we going? Blaine and T. Sharks modulate their escape behavior in response to predator size, speed, and approach orientation. The scaling of uphill and downhill locomotion in legged animals. Modeled 3D suction accuracy predicts prey capture success in three centrarchids.